Suggestion for new features

Hi everybody,

I’ve been using Kodular for a while now, and I really like it. Mainly the fact that Kodular keeps renewing and improving itself.

But I miss one thing … I’ve been using a special extension from Collintree for a while. This extension is called “Scroll Arrangement Handlers (v2 +)”
With this extension you can control the scroll arrangements.
A handy extension, but there is one big bug. The app crashes when you touch and swip the arrangement in multiple places at the same time.

I tried to contact the extension’s creator in several ways, but all attempts failed.

My question was whether there might be a similar addition in Kodular in the future?

Thanks again to the people who make Kodular exist!


Hi @broekmancompany,

How have you tried contacting Colin so far?

Have you tried creating an extension of your own that has the features he has? If not, what would you like in an extension that you’d use?


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Would you like to share your aia file or blocks of your app?

Aia contains paid extension i think if yes then don’t share aia

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Don’t force people to do something illegal!
Also don’t post personal email adress or do you want to get lots of Spam Mails?

Sorry @Django_s_Android_App , i have deleted my post where i posted personal gmail.

Hi, @hammerhai

I tried it via gmail, but unfortunately I didn’t get a reply back here. I also tried it through the Thunkable community where he published the extension via a post.

Unfortunately he does not respond to this, and on this post there are also other people who report that they suffer from the same bug.

haha, I wish I could make an extension at all, but unfortunately I can’t. that is still a level too high for me. I love coding through Kodular, but that’s it

The extension is free for use.
So it’s available for everybody.

I will share a topic example that contains the same bug.
I will post it later.

Sure @broekmancompany ,
But i have also created image slider some month ago and i have used two extension to create it i’m not sure about the name of extension

1.Scrolling handler(user mode was off)
2.Gesture handler extension

The first extension, is that the extension of collintree that I also use? Would you like to send me a link of the 2nd extension @nikzdreamer2001? , hopefully this might be a suitable alternative.

I have created sample app that has the same problem. when you hit the screen on the 2 red spots and make the movement to the left and right (follow the green line), the app crashes.

This also happens when you do it vertically or diagonally.
topic_example_handlers.apk (4.8 MB) topic_example_handlers.aia (25.8 KB)

i am not getting any error in my phone
so would you like to share a vider in which your touches is shown so that we can understand it very well.

hmm… Strange, because i have tried it with two other smarthphones of my friends, and even then the same bug happends… You didt make the movement at the same time? In order to make the bug visible, you have to try to scale the screen with 2 vingers. the same way how you zoom in or zoom out on a picture or on the camera function on your phone.

If you disable the user control in the app, the bug appears much more often.

Be online for sometime i am sending video.


See i have tried every possible way.

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very strange… :thinking:

What is the name of that app where you record your screen with? maby i can show it again but then with the touchpointers.

its preinstalled feature of my phone and you used az screen recorder(i think so) and haven’t done setting for it.

Yes it was screen recorder that used, well thankyou for testing it, maby i can send you the apk where the user control is set off, the bug must appear, if not then i really don’t know what is going on…

Would you like to tell us what you want to do with vertical scroll arrangement handler so that if there is any alternative method without using this extension then its much better.