Sum in Table View

Hello, please help if anyone know how to show sum of column table value when using tableview extension by @Ken. I want sum for total column place below table. thank you

Can you show your blocks?

Like this?

i am having data in gsheet (didnt mention where does your data come from)


and i used this codes

here it is

thank you. sorry not mention before, i’m using tinydb

You can use same method with tiny db also just add your list into Sum method

Use the same procedure…

For each item in the call tinydb tag vale
Set sum = get sum + select list (get item) index 4

thank you i just tried but error message “The operation remove list item cannot accept the arguments”

You no need to use remove . See in my side I want to remove the header obtained from gsheet.

Try to read my block… how and where do I getting list . In your case your list is in tinydb under single tag name

thank you @Still-learning for the explanation. yes it work

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dont use string , use create empty list


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