Surface(No)View Bug


I encountered problems with SurfaceView. I know there are people who have already reported it before and after the Fenix update, but as it wasn’t resolved and the problem got worse, I came here again to report this component’s bug. Honestly this update came full of more bugs than it already had. I am available to find bugs, but they should be fixed, not made worse.

After adding SurfaceView to the project, some devices do not show in Companion. Once the project becomes an APK, it doesn’t work on any of the devices. The screen goes white or the background color (as if it wasn’t started)
SurfaceView’s incompatibility with most (99%) devices is regrettable.

There would be no need to show the blocks, since I know the problem is with the component, but just in case, there it is:


Tested on Android 7, 8 and 9

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Same here.
one of my extensions used surfaceview, and it not working anymore.

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Duplicate of #132047.

Already known