SVG compatibility extension

Hello Kodular Experts Geeks,

I’m looking for someone to make an extension in kodular that support animated SVG , where i can easily import svg and it loads perfectly without any problems , quick note [ I don’t prefer use of webview - because google play loves it so much ! - ]

dm your price please.

Did you try this extension?

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happy birthday @oseamiya :cake:

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does not support svg

Maybe this one?

No, this one do not suppot animated svg…

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Whats the extension of animated svg??
Is it .asvg?

As Android doesn’t directly support SVG & instead Vector is used . I guess only the way to load animated SVG is by using WebViewer…

Btw why you can’t use WebViewer ?


It consumes ram too much…

Yes, it’s possible to create drawable from svg strings.


How did you get to know that Shreya? Is there any option on profile section? I never seen… :thinking:

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off-topic icons explanation

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Birthday Bug Discourse - #3 by Vishwas
for example


Nice to get that in my knowledge,… thanks as always…