Swipable Banner View

Hey Koders, Can You plase tell me how to make this type of Swipable Banner view. I really need this. Please Share Aia if you Could Althought i have Deep host Banner view extension but it not comptiable with Kodular Fenix Version. So If can Recast that extension. So I can share that extension with You.

It is just possible with clock component

I’m tring to create dynamic banner card

You can extract idea from this post

You can check up this post too, if possible

Hey Can you Recast an Extension for me. it is not compatible with fenix

Which one in not compatible with Kodular ?

I have a deep host Banner view extension which can fulfill my requirnment but it’s not compatible, So I could not use that.

I thought so, DeepHost’s extension are not allowed here, contact developer for an updated version or try another solution

Yeah I know, But that can help me.