Swipe Canvas problem delay image Viewer from Assets

I have a project that involves browsing a book from right to left and back
I tried to do this with a pdf file
And that seems not possible
so i make it with jpg images
The problem that I encountered is as follows
------------- 1---------------
When choosing an image from a Assets
The display of images is greatly delayed
The image must have a high resolution, approximately size 1MB
------------- 2---------------
When the image is on a website, the image display fast, but the project requires an offline connection

Please kindly help me to solve this problem
Is there a mistake in the design

SwipeCanvasFrom_Assets.aia (8.5 MB) SwipeCanvasFrom_Site.aia (3.8 MB)

Have you tried the ViewFlipper component?

It shows you the image and each time you slide to the right or left, it changes the image according to the list of images

Thank you
This really solves the problem and uploads images very fast
But cant be zoom

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