T-Browser V2.0 | New Update | Browser with more features like professional browsers

ok thanks for this usefull info

It seems you have not added multiple tabs feature.Can you tell me about that?

i am kind of busy with my other work. i already started the design part for that feature. once the development done, ill share the aia here.

for a sneak peak of the design check this video -


Its very good Browser. I download aia. I will credit you

New Update (v2.1) now available for TBrowser
Added Feature

  • SSL indicator
  • Add New Tab(unlimited)
  • Remove Tab
  • Desktop Mode

Coming soon

  • Developer Mode
  • Clear cache
  • Clear cookies and more

(Note - this is not a final release)

AIA - I need to test the app before the release, so if you want to help me then kindly test the app and give your feedback, solution etc. If you have any ideas plz do share with me also if you want.

Download - TBrowserV2.apk (5.6 MB)


youtub dosen’t play and you should change many more

Is it in google play?

no… not right now… but after the next update, it will be available…

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Download Latest Update From Here - Tech CVR - T-Browser V2.0 Professional Browser Free AIA Download

New Update - 22 Jan 2019

  • Circular Progress bar added
  • Removed Horizontal Progress bar
  • Few Blocks Removed
  • Added New Download Feature with Exact File name while download.

Screenshot for circular progress bar


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Are you cheating on Studio? :joy: I’m kidding, love your browser!


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FYI V3 will be more awesome…

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Thanks this browser aia file really help me.

Link not working! :cry:

link is added at the main post above.

Where is link to aia link not working

pls check the link again…

Working thanks

When will Tbrowser 3.0 Comes