T-Browser V2.0 | New Update | Browser with more features like professional browsers

Download Latest Update From Here - Tech CVR - T-Browser V2.0 Professional Browser Free AIA Download

New Update - 22 Jan 2019

  • Circular Progress bar added
  • Removed Horizontal Progress bar
  • Few Blocks Removed
  • Added New Download Feature with Exact File name while download.

Screenshot for circular progress bar


On my birthday :smile:
BTW nice!


Are you cheating on Studio? :joy: I’m kidding, love your browser!


Happy Birthday @Daaniiieel

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Ha ha… Thanks…

FYI V3 will be more awesome…

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Thanks this browser aia file really help me.

Link not working! :cry:

link is added at the main post above.

Where is link to aia link not working

pls check the link again…

Working thanks

When will Tbrowser 3.0 Comes

try this @Ansh_Anand

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How can i download the apk, link not working

The aia is password protected


Try https:// as password. Password will change according to different blog post… So there is a telegram group to keep the password list.

I install the t browser and also test online in companion.
But the results is same.
I am unable to download the file properly
Every file will show complete download at 90kb irrespective of it size and when I open the file it say improper to open or something like that
Help me.

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Discussion related to Deephost are not allowed because he doesn’t support for this extension.
Btw there is a better extension than that.

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