Tab loss when printing

Good morning guys

I am working on a simple app for billing, the idea is to print a band (image attached) but I have a problem printing.

I did everything with a SAT brand bluetooth printer, when I changed the printer the tab stopped recognizing me.

Any ideas?


Printer 1 (works fine)

Printer 2 (new and no tab)

Did You check printer’s configuration ?

I do not know what you mean?

I am not using any extension to print.

The printer is bluethooth, simple, I don’t know if confirmations are made

Thanks for your answer

Your printer’s setup manual: doesn’t talk about “TAB” configuration or “TAB” command?

doesn’t say anything about it

I attach the manual

Is it better to use an extension to print? would the extension solve my problem?

If so, which one do you recommend?