TabLayout Addon Extension - Addon for TabLayout[PAID]

This extension allows you to do some extra feature to TabLayout :smile:
You can add custom view in TabLayout with it and also set CustomHeight for TabLayout(In Percent)

Thanks to @chaimk for sponsoring this extension :smile:




TabDemo2 tabdemo1


Paytm - 400 INR
PayPal - 8 USD


$8 for just a tab layout extension.
Good joke :grinning: :rofl:
As soon as Hackathon ends something related will come for free.


Addon Extension :upside_down_face:

We can create this customly.

Please post demonstrative videos and screenshot of results . And the price quite high

It can be done by making a custom layout. And this time I must say it’s a really a high price for such thing that can be done without it.

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Sorry for going off topic, but…

Check these extension developers extensions and their prices.

If some developers give extensions at so low rate then you can’t say these rates high

You can do it.
Why was tab layout made then?I just made an addon for it :pleading_face:

I am not demotivating you, but instead of spending 8 dollor on addon extension, I will spend more half hour for making

I have given 2 screenshots

You should to some reasach on what people need

2 People requested me this :smiley:

Only 2 minimum 15 be
Make a deep Links extension


You are gone :crazy_face: deephost word is banned

Search it anywhere you will find it :wink:

This must be enough

Deep Host related stuff is not allowed here.
Also posting non-english videos are not allowed.


Thanks for confirming :blush:

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Please make alternative … Deep link extension

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