Taifun file extension is no longer work on scoped file access on Android 11

Dear @Taifun your file extension is not working on Android 11 to access /Android/data/com.myapppackagename.app/

In android 11 to access this app specific dir you need to add new permission MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE please taifun can you fix this issue ?

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No this permission is made for only android 11 users I don’t have android 11 on my phone :iphone: my phone have android 10. Can you check it on your device if you have android 11??

You don’t need to storage access unless you’re writing to a directory that was not created by the system for YOUR application. If you try to read or write to another’s directory, then you will need storage access.

no I am accessing /android/data/com.otherapp.app/ because I have to paste the file from app specific dir to other app dir so in android 11 this is not working because Google launch new permission for Android 11 and my app is also not working on Android 11. So can anybody help me !!

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I mean, you can create an extension that just adds MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to your manifest when you add the extension to any screen.

You can begin by downloading Rush CLI!

this is still working also in Android 11 as Kodular (and MIT App Inventor) still target SDK29
how this will work in future for SDK30 is still open…

why do you have to copy a file to another directory?
which directory is it exactly?

this will not help very much, because only some very few apps like file manager apps will be allowed by Google to use that permission, see also https://developer.android.com/training/data-storage/manage-all-files

If your app includes a use case that’s similar to the following examples, it’s likely to be allowed to request the MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission:

  • File managers
  • Backup and restore
  • Anti-virus apps
  • Document management apps


Taifun can you made file tool extension only for Android 11.
My app is gfx tool so I need to access other app directory in Android 11. Please find a way to make this possible on Android 11 because your extension is very good works but not on Android 11. Is there any way to access other app directory using your extension or some ways to access on Android 11

My app works like this I copy a file from my app directory /android/data/com.myapp.app/file to paste /android/data/com.otherapp.app/I will paste my file here

In android 11 there no way to do this if you make a separate extension for only Android 11 it will be good please taifun. I lost my 8k android 11 user because app is not working

Edit: ?? Taifun are you doing something for this ? Please buddy

Edit 2: I know one app name as solid file manager which have access to all directory though that app I Access in android 11. So this is possible to access that directory.

you are copying a file into the application specific directory of another app… I would call that a hack rather than normal behavior… Android gets more and more restricted and this will not work anymore… and as I already mentioned, the MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission will not help, because most probably Google will not allow that permission for your app… read again what I wrote earlier…

yes, it is still possible for file manager apps, but not for your app anymore… read again what I wrote earlier…


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no I am not hacking it every GFX Tool in play store work like this only means thier have permission to access it.

Ok I understand

Now I will use APK tool to edit my app for Android 11

Please help me also