Taifun Zip Extension is not working properly

I have my zip file on Files folder which is located in internal storage. When I try to unzip it in same Files folder, it extracts to internal storage directory instead of Files directory. It was working fine in past days but now when I’m trying to update my app, this error occurs I think its occurring after Kodular Eagle 1.4 update.
I have checked all other blocks but there is no such problems in blocks.

Here is the sample blocks for testing purpose.

I have used Custom Download extension of deep host and I’m sure that it is not caused by this extension.

Were you using cutom downlaod extension before when taifunzip extension was working properly?

The update was long back!!

Yes I was using it.

I have also updated after a long time. When I look in Play Console it shows that last update was done in May 3 i.e. 3 months earlier. Just be sure that it was working perfectly at that time.

Check the file path if it is correctly formatted.

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

does the example project work for you?
downloadable from here App Inventor Extensions: Zip/Unzip | Pura Vida Apps

see also the notes there

Note : the extension is only able to unzip directories with the correct directory structure, which have been zipped in the root directory of the internal sdcard

EDIT: also Kodular offers its own zip(unzip finctionality… no extension necessary…


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In my app version 4.9 created on May 3, 2020 this blocks were working fine. But now it does not extract on required folder. I had created a backup aia of app version 4.9 at that time. Now when I import that aia and export to app without making any changes it does not work. It means that this problem is not causes by incorrect directory structure.

There is alot of problems in it as said by bodymindpower,

So I’m using your extension. I think this is caused by Kodular new update.

which means, there is nothing I could do…

you forgot to answer that question… try it…