Take a Username from other screen

Hello all
I have a “UserLogin” screen that checks for a specified User and Password and everything is ok. But I need a textbox that when anyone type a name on it that name get carried to other screen.

This is my Login Screen


Use start value for txbUser


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Hi Boban, it didn’t help, this opens another screen. Maybe I didn’t explain well, I need to take the User name from the Username text box I create in the login screen and show it in other screen.

Like mr @Boban said… Use the start value option… Send the text box name using start value and when you open another screen using this method you can call get start value block to fetch the name

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Hi there, you can try this block. Hope this helps

This is for Screen1

This is for Screen2

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Thanks to all, it worked :+1::+1:

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Use a Global Variable for the Tag instead of a Text Block.

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