Take photo without user intervention

Good evening,

First I would like to apologize for my bad English.
I am from Brazil and I am now starting to develop with Kodular, and I am developing a security application where if the person is in danger or in need of help the application send their location to a relative and informing that they need help. But I would also like to implement that you take a photo of the front camera every 1 minute after being asked for help. But I need these photos to be taken automatically without user intervention.
You could help me.
Thank you very much in advance

PS: I found an extension of Taifun’s puravidasapp.com. But unfortunately as I live in Brazil the dollar rate is very high. The extension fee is $ 20. Then you would have to pay 70 reais at the current price.
I could even pay if it was 5 dollars. if someone has any extension that wants to sell for 5 dollars thank you

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From what you wrote, your app would have to run in the background. And Kodular still doesn’t do that.


the correct link to the extension is App Inventor Extensions: Camera | Pura Vida Apps and its correct price is 12 USD.

alternatively you could write your own extension and create the functionality yourself…
more information about how to create an extension see the App Inventor Extensions document
however that will be more advanced and will require some Java skills…



I’m sorry for the mistake. it really is 12 dollars. Converting this value to 60 reais in the current quote. Still very expensive.
But thanks for everything.
I hope to get this extension. I am depending on it to complete my application and unfortunately I am unemployed and I am not able to buy this extension even though it can be a good investment.
But thanks for the tip and support.

No, Taifun offers almost everything for free and only a few extensions are chargeable. There is so much work in his website (by far the best for AI2 and its clones) and extensions that it is more than justified to pay a small fee for a few extensions.


I totally agree. Especially because creating extensions is not an easy job. My question is not that I want it for free. Unfortunately my current financial situation does not allow me to have enough money to purchase. But I give Taifun all the credit because his work is incredible and it is more than fair that he buys for his work.