Takes time to launch app

Full Report Here

  1. Android OS: 8.1 & 6.0
  2. Approx internet speed: 6MB/s & 200KB/s

It is taking approx 1.03 seconds to go to Screen2 on 1st device.
For second device, it’s approx 2.01 seconds.

Go from the first screen to the second I know is fast. It is taking a long time to open the second screen and display the data

The screen on screen 2 is turning white for a long time, and after about 20 seconds it shows the screen.

A notifier can be used to feel this time short! :wink:

could you send me an aia with this notifier for testing here?

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Unfortunately, this will take time when you load your app for the first time as you have a lot of components

Took a quick look, you had one screen with large number of pictures in it, I don’t know how big they are in px but even if the screen is hidden the images are loaded into memory and it takes time



I understand, but forget my real project, let’s refer to this simple there, realize that there is no image loading, because there are no blocks and no components, so it was to load fast, do you agree with me?

Open the aia and you will notice who is without blocks and components, and yet the Screen2 screen is turning white for a long time. You see, that I have in screen2 17 screens and many arrangements, this would be the problem?

What the middle white screen should show?

In the Full project, it will display a ListView text and images.

Send us a demo aia that can reflect the real problems.

Removes this listView and the problem remains.

But I sent what is happening, the screen is going blank for about 20 seconds, and only after that and the screen that will be visible is loaded. If no blocks and components are too slow, imagine how blocks and components ??? I’ve sent it that simple for that

The real problem is this one there, referring to Screen “MAIN” Screen 1 is OK and loads fast.

Show a spinner while the page finishes loading.

I even tried around but it was no use, could you put there your way and send me this same project aia?

Not possible for now really. But I can send an aia in a few hours if you want.

I put the circular here, the white screen is still holding for a long time

I think that what is doing this is due to the amount of many screens, in this case here are 17 screens and 16 of them invisible

If you’re really seeking for an aia then message personally. Because I have some questions and they will make this conversation Off Topic.