Taking More Time To Open Another Screen

Before opening another screen,its showing like this for 5-7 seconds? Any solution?

in companion or apk?

In apk brother

what is size of you apk and assets?
share you apk here so we can check that

10 MB file

Can you show the blocks which are responsible for switching screen?

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Just opening another screen on button click

try switching screens like this,

and also check what are you loading in next screen initialize?

In addition to what @ImranTariq said try this:



What should i do next?

What is in procedure open(name of block which is in picture) is there blocks which shown by @vknow360 if yes then take text block and enter screen name which you want to open and connect it with home in procedure

Now app is working little faster. Can we improove this more?

I don’t think so this is best way for now may be in future there can be something
BTW don’t forget to read

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