Technical Support for Mediation groups with Facebook integration

Hello Koders my apps on the play store are doing great and for the little cents I get by using Google AdMob they help me to pay for a few item billings at home.

But realizing that Facebook nowadays pays well as AdMob too I have tried to make my apps go with Mediation Group so that I can maximize my revenue etc.

But from my end with AdMob Mediation I get some errors that Can’t retrieve data but on the third part of Facebook Audience Network I have tried to configure everything and my apps show that Facebook has approved my apps.

Please help me more to tell me maybe I do things in the wrong way or there are some settings that I haven’t finished to set and probably I don’t know how to set them.

But in short, I have set all
1 Generated token is added to my mediation
2: Property ID
3 Placement ID
All the above three settings are well configured


I will be happy for your advance help

I have the same problem. Have also checked everything several times and data can not be retrieved. I have also tried with Applovin, for example. The same problem.
I suspect this: