Teleprompter App using Kodular

I am trying to make the Teleprompter app using Kodular.

But not getting the way to do it.

Don’t know how to add a text overlay on a camcorder.

Please guide and Help.

Thanks in advance.

Have you checked out the Surface View component? It allows you to add components on top of the camera preview.


Hello Conor,
Thank you for your reply.
After your suggestion, I tried the surface view. Most of the times it shows black screen.
Some times it gives alert “Failed to connect to the camera service”
When tried to work with front camera (disabling the back camera option), most of the times it shows a black screen. and I think it doesn’t work when orientation set to landscape.

Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks again.

You have to Start preview from blocks section
Use Start Preview block from Surface View component

Yes, I did that. But still above mentioned problems are there. I said it doesn’t work in landscape mode. working fine in portrait mode.