TensorFlow Lite Image Recognizer Extension (Artificial-Intelligence) [PAID]

This extension allows you to use your trained model to recognize images.
It can tell the name of thing in the image(According to your trained model)

You can train it for multiple items :smile:

For example you can train your model with 2-3 Images of mouse and define its name(“Mouse”) and then when you try to recognize a image which contains mouse it will tell that it is mouse and also give a percentage that how much sure it is, For example i trained it with online images of mouse and then try to recognize my mouse with it and it gave the response -
It said its mouse and gave 97%

You can ask me any doubt here :innocent:

Special Note
It don’t need any API Key on Internet Connection to work,It can work fully offline without internet :grin:

Thanks to @chaimk for sponsoring this extension :hugs:

Properties And Blocks


Important Links

About Tensorflow Lite Image Recognition - Image classification  |  TensorFlow Lite
Train a model - Teachable Machine


PayTM - 1000 INR
PayPal - 17.5 USD


It’s awesome

Thanks :smiley:

You are crazy.so much helpfull extention in few days
But most of the extention was paid​:disappointed:
Btw keep it up.

Thanks a lot! :innocent:


Its Going Carzy, A Verrrrrrry Great Extension, :dizzy_face: :grin:


Unbelievable it looks like m just in a dream :heart::heart:
You made something very owsm

Great extension :golfing_man: can you provide demo apk ?

Thaaaaaaanks :joy:

Thanks a lot :blush: :blush:


Thanks! :relaxed:


He doesn’t provide APK for paid extension in public. You can PM him for it.


Special Note Added :crazy_face:

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Can this recognize face & emotion??

Good Work. Keep it up man

Its for recognizing things in images but yes if you give proper images of all emotions then it can recognize easily

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Does this works offline or only online needs internet connection for recognition in case of numbers only ?

See here:

See this:

i dont understand u have to train model and then u have to download the model confused

It works fully offline :smile:

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