Test my browser app please

Hi dear friend, this is my first M Arama app. Features: 1) Adding new tabs in the browser 2) Separate screens 3) Full version of the site 4) Selecting the Search Engine manually 5) Language selection 6) Login or register to our account M 7) The app has the function of saving web browsing history 8) Voice search 9) Private mode in the browser 10) Instagram Quick Links Facebook YouTube Twitter 11) Fullscreen Mode 12)

Link :

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Provide full information about your app with app screenshots and app download link.


pretty better ui
and a common browser app

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i showing create it to koded apps category

You might want to edit your first post and add some information and screenshots about your app, I’ve changed your category to #discuss until you do so. :slightly_smiling_face:
Edit: changed your category again to #koded

What is this, please tell me?

Why not share apk here directly?

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edit first post and fit all imgs and links in 1st post the change category to koded apps from discuss

if i am wrong anyone pls edit it or tell him

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I’m from Russia sorry for the mistakes, I just don’t understand everything in English

google translate it friend

отредактируйте первое сообщение и поместите все изображения и ссылки в 1-е сообщение, измените категорию на закодированные приложения из обсуждения


Instead of adding them on another post.

he means edit this post

Wow good ui bru


Thank you, bru