Testing App to publish

Hello Users,
I have created an app and trying to publish it on Amazon Appstore but they are unable to publish it because of some errors.
The error message that they sent to me is “We are unable to test your app as it does not function as intended. The app exits/ force closes/ freezes/ displays an error message after being launched.”

So I need some help from you, can you please test this app and send feedback to me.

Screenshot :

App - Brain_Test.apk (7.5 MB)

Thank You

I think it is dangerous to just install an apk that nobody knows anything about. What does your app do. Show screenshots, show assets, show blocks.

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Sorry for that and I will update it.

Show asset sizes and blocks

Hello ,
Did you solved the issue of appstore .
Because I am too having the same .
Although app live but this will ultimately lead to account suspension

Welcome. What is the same? You are not clear in your question.

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Hello @Ayushi_Gupta, I didn’t find any problem in my app when I tested it but when Amazon tested it then they find errors so I download new apk for Kodular Creator and uploaded the new apk file after that Amazon test it and successfully publish it.

By same , I meant

I am not able to edit my own post

My app is live but it is also showing Amazon content policy violation stating that app exists/forces .
So did you uploaded same apk from kodular or modified something

I have just redownloaded the apk file.

What was the error message? We can not help if you give no information to work with. Was does your app do? How big is it, large assets, extensions, etc etc etc etc etc

This is the link to appstore.

Please keep my aia private

Here are the blocks
Edit: aia removed

You are sharing your aia with everybody. Was that your intention? And show blocks and assets. I dont have time to download and import and test your app. The aia is big so you use big images i guess.

Just in case, we can remove it for now.

I think your images are simple to big.

See tip 2 in this topic.