Text and Audio Playing

Hi. I created bottom navigations which is named as home, my story and my songs. But I want that whenthe my story button is clicked , a text should be shown on the screen. Also, when my song button is clicked, l want the app to show my songs and play them. I couldn’t find any solution however l have tried. Could you help me give me any idea? Thanks.

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@Elpadre try using different screens.
You can call the button’s on click event to open a screen on which the story is displayed.

When the song button is clicked, you can create a list of songs available using a spinner or list picker and display that to the user to choose.

If you have only 1 story, I recommended that you toggle the visibility of labels instead of creating new screens.

These were some ideas. You can share your blocks for any specified help :smiley:


Thanks. I could do the story part, but l couldn’t do the music part. How can I do that? I created a new screen. I don’t know what to do then. Could you please tell me the paths elaborately? I want to add the songs from pc. they should be played offline. l uploaded the songs to the assets.

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Something like this.
Try keeping the assets name same as the options you provide. i.e your assets’ name should be Song1, Song2 and Song3(in this case)

ı did as you said , but when ı set button to say ‘‘open another screen’’ it says something went wrong. why is that ? Thanks.

Could you send screenshot of your blocks and the error

When I delete “open another screen - Songs” blocks , it doesn’t give a problem. But, when I do that, of course, the screen named as songs doesn’t open. I tried so many times, but couldn’t make it. Thanks.

You mention that

Here you mention songs with the “s” small but in the code the “s” is capital.
Please enter the correct screen name.