Text and image just like article

Can we display text along with images just like an article . If you have seen apps like uc news and all then you must have noticed that article contains text with image . so how we can do that .

Yes, you can do it with List View Image and Text component.
Currently only that one is dynamic

Brother I want to create a view like articles where images are in between texts and then texts are continued

I think you can use HTML codes to do that.
Something like this:-

< p >This is some text. <img src="Your image url here > This is some text.< /p >


Can you show me example .

Drop a WebViewer component into the screen and set its Load HTML method block to HTML text like what @vknow360 said.

If you don’t know HTML, I would advise you to learn it from w3schools.com

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Use the Load HTML block instead of Go to URL.

I forgot that this exists! :sweat_smile:


I know html but can I call my html file from airtable database ?

Yes, you can.

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