Text Only Showing First Word From Firebase Database

Not long ago this (screenshots below) worked perfectly fine. When I wanted to at another one exactly the same just with a different database component. But when I tested it, it would only show the first word of the value in Firebase. I eventually deleted the second one in an attempt to fix it but it didn’t work. I’ve been playing around with the settings of the text and card that the text is in but can’t seem to fix it, I’ve even copied other cards with text but still.
Firebase: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/687607612975349762/688241709255098398/FBDBSS.PNG
Blocks: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/687607612975349762/688241950020730898/KODSS.PNG, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/687607612975349762/688242482835881996/KOD2SS.PNG
App: Don’t have screenshot. (Image a card with the word hello on it.)

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What does the label return if you don’t use the Replace all text block and just set the label to the value.

I think you are not saving data from app.I mean you have saved data from firebase console and that’s why it is in not correctly saved.

When it was working fine it was {WWO-ANNOUNCEMENT=value}, now its just the first word, ‘hello’.
(value being what the value of the key was)

The values are being save by Zapier which is taking it from Discord. Both writing a message in Discord and writing it directly into the database results in the first word only.

Try saving data from app using Firebase Component.

Ya i know the prblm

Don’t worry about it, I found a solution.

It would be great if you share the solution here as it would help other users facing similar issue


It’s easy… Just put the message between “/” Your message /""
Then the Firebase will return the complete message…

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use backward slash…
" \" my complete statement \""


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