Text to speech is not working

I have made a News app and have a button on it when clicked , it speak the news by text to speech component . But the Text to speech is not working ! Please Help

How can we help if you don’t show what you have done?

I have already searched on community but cant fix it

And what is in Label2.text? Is the volume of your phone up? What language are you using?

It is the content of News and i am using en language

Show the content of Label2.

It is coming from another screen by start value component and that content is imported by google spreadsheet

Show an example of the text of label2. If you want help and i am spending my free time on this it is always good to answer the questions else if have other things i would also like to do.

This Marked text is example

Start a new project with a text to speech component and some text. Does that work?

Let me check and get back to you

Now also it dont work :disappointed_relieved:

So it could be related to your phone. Like i said is your volume up.

My volume is full . as You say let me check on another phone

I tried on other phone and it worked

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