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I am making a Note App which takes different Languages for input with extra notations. Text may not be line English aligned with equal space, it may be more in hight. For example:

In the above image, top one is TextBox, below one is Label with LableTool line spacing to 1.5.
We can clearly see the text with line spacing.

So I need to have more line spacing to make the text and signs clearly on TextBox.
Currently I am replicating whatever written on TextBox to Label with line-spacing.

Is there any way to get LineSpacing on TextBox or any Extension availble?

CustomTextBox.aix (10.4 KB)

Check this one i think this will work

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Thank You @devxlabs for the replay and extension.
This extension does not have all the features of the default TextBox like cursor position.
I am using Cursor Position to insert the special characters like | || _ below and above the characters.

So I need all the Default TextBox functionality and the Line spacing. Is something that is available?

I can make it, but it’ll take some time

@devxlabs That will be great if I get all the default TextBox options + Linespacing, that will help me a lot.
I am not a Java developer, I am basically Embedded developer, but hobby App maker.

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ok i will try to make fully functional i’ll send you when its done or you can PM me on telegram

:telegram: Telegram

I created one extension with will take any TextBox, Multiplier as inputs and sets the line spacing.

TextBoxTool.aix (5.1 KB)


And Thank You @devxlabs for your help and immediate response.


Good Job.
but why I don’t think about that :smile:

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