TextBox ( Help )

How to make a text box like this!


Welcome @FiveAndCo it’s very simple to make a textbook. You just have 18m read time, so I suggest to spent time in community and search what need and also read the docs to understand more.


It can be achieved easily.
Just use the textbox inside Cardview. And set the properties of the Cardview according to your needs.
In your case:

  • Set elevation: 0
  • Set corner radius: 0
  • Set stroke width: 1
  • Place textbox inside card view
  • Set height and width: Fill parent
  • Set background color: None

And you’ll see the result same as screenshot.

Final result:

Demo AIA: Textbox.aia (482.9 KB)


Use a cardview and set the elevation to 1 or 2 and stroke size to 2 and stroke color to grey and place a textbox inside it