Texting "Always Receive"

What is the point of the Always Receive setting in the texting component, even when it’s set to always the app does not execute any code while running in the background.

Never mind, I found the answer in AI2’s documentation.

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For anyone looking this is the meaning.


If set to 1 (OFF) no messages will be received. If set to 2 (FOREGROUND) or 3 (ALWAYS) the component will respond to messages if it is running. In the case of 2 (FOREGROUND), messages received while the app is not running are discarded. In the case of 3 (ALWAYS), messagess receive while the app is not running will show a notification. Selecting the notification will bring up the app and signal the MessageReceived event. Messages received when the app is dormant will be queued, and so several MessageReceived events might appear when the app awakens. As an app developer, it would be a good idea to give your users control over this property, so they can make their phones ignore text messages when your app is installed.

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