Texting component is not working in background

I have set always in receiving property but it doesn’t work

These are my blocks

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Can you please share your blocks?

What do you mean by not working in background?
You mean you can’t receive text messages when app is closed?

I suggest you to read this before creating a new post


Yes I can’t receive massage when app is closed

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Are you trying to use the table name block to make / rename a table? Just saying that’s not possible

You cannot run app in background…

I know but I heard that texting component can run in background

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I don’t understand what you want to say

Kodular Apps not works in background yet

But texting component works

who telled you

yes you are right i have read the docs and it works in background

I Got Your Problem Texting Component Works In Background But Push Notification Component Does Not Works In Background Therefore It Will Not Send A Push Notification To App Users

No, no, no, no. Kodular apps cannot run in background and therefore the Texting. Recieved Message block is not fired!

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“Apps made with Kodular cannot run in the background” that means no block or event can be triggered when the app is closed.

Hi @Sumit1334
It would be nice if you can show us complete blocks.As it is quite hard to find your issue from shown blocks.

After reading all replies on this topic I decided to read the docs and here is what I found:

  • texting component can work in background but only when ReceivingEnabled property is set to 3.
  • it will automatically show a notification to the user that new message has arrived
  • clicking on that notification will open particular app

From the documentation:

Finally if ReceivingEnabled is set to 3, messages will be received when the application is running and when the application is not running they will be queued and a notification displayed to the user.

I have already set this property to 3 on screen initialise block

Then what is the problem that I am facing

your will recieve messages but it will not show norification