Texting receiving enable"always"

Im using vivo v11 and xiomi redmi 4x to run my app for texting and i open the app and press home button so its like run on backgroud. For receiving enable set to 3 instead of always, when message received only xiomi redmi 4x show the notification and for vivo v11 didnt show the notification. In block of my app also contain argument for texting that massage received and it will store to tinydb. Even xiomi redmi 4x show notification but when i open the app message not store in tinydb.

the case is

  1. Notification didnt show for another android phone with difference os version
    My argument and question:
    is something problem with target of android version that we set in our project or maybe come from the os version of the android phone it self?

  2. Is kodular texting not support for receiving the message and only show the notification?

Sorry im not good in english


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Which component is this?.
BTW I didn’t understand your problem fully…
Which android version do your phones run?
Maybe a screenshot of blocks :thinking:

Texting you can find it on Social

Vivo V11 android version 8.1
Xiomi redmi 4X android version 7.1.2

actually not the block but the component, refer to item case no 2.
but i will screenshot the blocks
image :grin:

. My misunderstanding.

My Sincere Apologies
BTW what are you trying to make?

i try to build app for top up Phone credit.
In my country this is a business.
Actually if we want to be a seller and we want to find the agent to reselling it we must spend a lot of money and i has do that long time ago. it need more tools to operate it like computer software and resources to run this business. But now only we use android phone and the chip from provider we can do that and it’s chipper and easy to use. Only registrate agent, set the price and deposit, so our app will run automatically. :grin:

This is I try to make my app
Actually if app not run in background it’s doesn’t matter because of we use our phone as a server so we only make it screen on.