TextUtils extension

Since the AppyBuilder community forum is down, does anyone have the TextUtils extension .aix?

TextUtils extension | Hossein Amerkashi's Blog links to http://community.appybuilder.com/t/about-the-extensions-category/2 but that link doesn’t load for me.


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The link to the aix doesn’t work, try it yourself

Appybuilder community site seems offline!!!
Try to wait a bit.

@Hossein might want to look into this…

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Well; I did it!

How, you may ask? Isn’t the appybuilder community offline?
Well, I used https://archive.org to go to the appybuilder community website when it was crawled last time (somewhere in 2018)
Luckily, it also backups files; here it is: com.appybuilder.TextUtils.aix (9.1 KB)

And it works!

If it isn’t allowed to re-upload extensions, I’ll delete it from my post, but if it isn’t, there ya go, the TextUtils extension!


We should really only use kodular community

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From my point of view, this is very bad decision by just dropping it, we are still dependent on certain things from there such as. extension, post contribution that only exist there…


I assume you’re the head of the AppyBuilder community forum?

If so, maybe try making a backup and hosting it somewhere free or cheap like Hostinger, it isn’t the best but at least it’ll be archived that way.

I don’t think dropping the whole thing is a good idea, as Boban said, there is lots of important information on there.

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what abut those extensions, which only have been published in the Appybuilder community…
you don’t want them to be lost, do you?



I agree with @Taifun, the AppyBuilder community from my end appears to be shut down. What about all the extensions that people hosted. They’re all gone forever. Especially if those users who developed extensions are inactive from their accounts or abandoned them :confused:. I love extensions.

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Because it is hosted on community.appybuilder.com which is shut down. :confused:

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The community is an archive, yeah the website is shut down but it should be read-only. The domain still exists.


For me it dosen’t work and the Wayback Machine may not have all of the AppyBuilder extensions. Yes, the site was in read only mode in one of the first 5 or 6 months of 2020.

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Then maybe transfer all the content somewhere on GitHub.

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I’m having issues with AppyBuilder discourse. We should have extension developers to post their extensions in kodular. Also I’m sure these extensions are available in app inventor community

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What if those users who made extensions in the AppyBuilder community abandoned there accounts. In many forums, I see users abandoning their accounts. Even in the Kodular Community and they clog the forums because we don’t know if they will return or what sensitive information they put in their account.

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Well, you could have exported and imported it into Kodular as archive…


I had no idea that AppyBuilder was going to shut down. I also did not sign up until November 8th, of 2020.

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