The ability to add multiple files at the file upload page

The ability to add multiple media files would be great at the upload page. It would be easy doing because it already has a “multiple file upload UI :slight_smile:(See Below.)


The label at the right column is going to be changed to “Files to be Uploaded”, and the items uploaded from the computer would be listed to the right column too, under the label.

I will take a look at how this popup works and maybe I can make, so it can upload multiple files

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It is currently set as only single file uploads. You can do by setting it to allow multiple file selections from the computer, I guess :slight_smile:

Hopefully you’ll be succesfull because it would be very great to me. (Normally I’m dragging every file I want to upload item by item and it’s very hard to do it.)

Yes, but the script at the server-side needs an update too. And that is the hard part

I would love to have this too

Yep, It should also accept too. Good Luck doing it :slight_smile: