The ability to create more than 10 screens

Is it possible for you to get support for more than 10 screens on Makeroid? Android studio does not limit the screen sizes, it won’t be a problem on Makeroid too, right?

You can use many screens, but you dont want to have many screens open at the same time. When you open a new screen, then close the old one


See Tip 1 here:


Thanks for your reply Sander,

By this I mean while creating screens, the 10 screen warning.

The warning is there, so people will know that they are using much screens. I doesnt prevent you from creating new screens


Oh, so if I close unnecessary screens, it won’t make a difference how much screens I create?

Yes, I think so

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Until now I’ve never seen an app that REALLY needed more than 5 screens.
If you use more than 10, then that’s a sign that you are doing something wrong.
Please provide an example of an app that absolutely needs more than 10 screens.


Yes you’re right I currently don’t have an app that uses 10 screens. I asked just in case I need to use more than 10 screens.

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