The AND operation cannot accept the argument men because it is neither true nor false Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

I connected my 2nd password to firebase and got this error

thanks in advance

Show your blocks please

whats wrong?
what I want to do here is to run 2 passwords from firebase in the application but it gives the above error

What do you mean? Is global sifre2 = global sifre ? Because if text is = sifre2 and text is = sifre => sifre2 = sifre

sifre= password
sifre2= password

what i want to do is like what you do

Simply if you want to compare string use
If you want to compare Boolean / true or false use

I want to make 2 of them accept

Please provide an example for example text is … and global sifre2 is…and global sifre is … so we can understand better what you want

You cannot use and block like this combination… you have to use just like @dora_paz said in post no.4… try like that and let us know if it not work for you.

If you want to accept and compare both Boolean and String, You can use String input compare, as it treat every thing as word

Hi @Graphics_and_Video_Editin,

The compare texts block actually compares the length of the text. When comparing anything, you should use the logic equals block.


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