The app is always shutting down after the latest kodular update, and I don't know why

Hello everyone, I made an app that has webview, app can upload files, use camera, take screenshot, share screenshot and deep link can be routed
But after the update, the app stopped permanently after exporting to apk
Is there a solution to the problem?


Check this long list of components,

You could always use logcat to identify error

I guess the Problem is In the Deeplink extension by App Helper or in the setup. Double, Triple check the blocks. Or You can upload the Image of Screen Initialize Blocks.

Post your apk here so someone can check it

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With your help, I actually managed to make it not turn off and work again
But it does not add folders to the storage unit and does not save pictures as it used to

Thank you, it worked and it’s not closing anymore

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The application has become working as it should, but it cannot save files or create folders
What is wrong with this code?