The bad list argument for foreach is not a list

Hello guys, my app is already published on the Play Store and I received a lot of complaints to open on phones with Android below 6.0. I was questioned by the customer. This is the guys error “The bad list argument for foreach is not a list. The second argument is: <! DOCTYPE”

The vídeo is in portuguese-Brazil.

Post relevant blocks.

The error say where you are using for each item in list there your are not passing a list.

this photo was missing the final part of the block

This is all a block from the list guys

Still not provided relevant blocks where is your for each loop’s block

I am using the MySQL database and found that the error occurs when there is space in the sentence. Technical assistance example. I am using the webview because the dashboard is online
but I don’t know how to solve the problem
these are the webview blocks

Spaces in sentences ? Name Fields ?

yes, in names with one word, exemple fireman, there is no error, but in sentences of two words, it occurs. example: technical assistance.

Field names cannot have spaces. The content of the fields can, of course.
Sentences ?

I did not understand the question, but the content of this list is another list with the name of the professionals and these names contain space but no error