The block is not working?

i am not getting any output from this block why ??

Vertical scroll arrangement Image block returns image not its name.

EDIT: It returns image name.



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can you tell us, what are you passing in start value?

He discussed about this problem with me in PM.

he said -
start value = b1
and image name as i provided in above image = b116.png

i tested with these values and got the result -

But he is not getting anything.

start value doesnt work in companion (it returns empty string). try in apk.

No, it works.
this i did on Screen5
blocks (1)
this i got in Screen6

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BTW i have also try in apk

show your start value blocks from previous screen.

right click on get id block Do it and show result

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sorry unable to connect i tried too much but …

anything else you need.

you have to make sure that your start value is your required value. connect companion Do it result and check or simply show it in a label.

in PM you said you verified using DO IT
and you got Start Value as b1

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no, i tried in apk.

sorry for that

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companion now working. it’s connected

hey the image is showing on companion but not in apk

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please help

everything is working fine in companion but not in apk