"The blocks area did not load properly..."

:warning: The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen XXXXX_ScreenName will not be saved. :warning:

Describe your issue:

This error happens when opening an existing project in Makeroid Builder. All blocks disappear from the screen, or just throws lots of errors

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Open an existing project
  2. Wait

Expected Behaviour:

The project should be loaded fine

Actual Behaviour:

Blocks are gone, or lots of errors thrown

Show Blocks

:exclamation:wait for milliseconds” block was used

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By now, there’s no “automatic” solution of this problem
However, you can download the AIA file and send it to us, and we’ll manually fix the issue

What we will do is to manually remove the “wait for milliseconds” block from your code


every block which contains “wait for milliseconds” disappeared in my project !!
Should i build them again ?!
and what about “wait for milliseconds” it will removed forever ?!!


For now most likely, it was causing the extension issue

Umm, @Diego , a little typo :wink:

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Fixed :+1:

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You may try my wait extension Wait x ms block.

Even I can delete any blocks it will again seen in the project…

@Diego is it possible you open the error project in my account or you really need to send the aia to you? My concern about that , is my aia is about 14MB and it will probably for sure cant be uploaded in the creator because of the size if i reupload a fixed file from you, my project is very close to me and i just cant surrender building a new screen for that because the features are linked together related to others screens.

If you give him the project id he can download it from the Admin area in the Creator.

Yes. Thank you that can be helpful, ill wait for @Diego to
response. Thanks @hammerhai

This bug has been fixed since more than a year ago, so I don’t think that’s the reason for your error

The blocks area did not load properly, two things that I know of that can trigger this, corrupted project or that you exceeded server limitation

i am facing this issue right now some of my block is gone can some body help me?

Without an aia file it can be difficult to help!