The blocks area did not load proprely

When i open my project, it tell me “The blocks area for screen did not load proprely”
How can i fix that
I can’t reproduce it all again because i worked hard on that screen, maybe more than 4000 blocks :persevere:
Please help me

:scream: That’s very scary.
Have you loaded aia from any other app Inventor ?

Write click and see how many blocks are there
I dragged blocks png image
Blocks are not visible but it shows

delete blocks (20)

This error is common if your project got corrupted, and the only way I found to fix this is to export the aia and go thru screen bky, scm file manually and look for abnormalities.

This happened with me also.


When you are working on blocks and before it saves to the server if you closed your browser or internet speed is slow or your creator page is reloaded, then the blocks will not saved to the Kodular server and when you next time open same project then you will see this error.

Even sometimes many blocks will disappear. Your project is get corrupted.

This happens only if there are too many blocks.

How to Avoid

When your block work is done check your realtime network speed, if you see internet is consuming that means your blocks are being saved to the server.

Wait for some time until your blocks are saved.


make sure to save the aia again and again after use

When the wifi is saturated too !!!
Solution for me: Proyect > Save Proyect

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No i didn’t loaded any AIA
First it says blocks area not loading properly then I refresh and it loads but now even if I refresh it is the same problem

I can’t understand :sweat:

Is that easy or not ? How can I do that ?

Happened to me when dragged blocks png to block editor

I won’t lie, it’s not that easy…

Can you make that for me if you did it before ? :slightly_smiling_face:
And i’ll be so happy for that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:
Thanks :pray: :heart_eyes: :heart:

I can give it a try…

Thanks :heart: :heart: :heart:
I’ll send you the .aia file in private message :blush:

Hey guys when i did like you told me to open the project in i found that there is absolutely no problem in my project even that screen that its block area don’t load proprely i can find all its blocks in :kodular: Unchive
What’s the problem now ? :sweat_smile: :thinking:

Not with me because when i load project in unchive than the some blocks are disappearing and when i open aia in kodular then the blocks are showing perfectly.
I think you have to remake project by uploading aia