The menus in side menu button are not showing anything

I tried to put three different menus in side menu layout but when i click on those button they show blank screen only ! IMG20190928141647|690x318

These buttons :

Welcome to community, make sure you have data in those arrangements, if they are empty they will show empty screen

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I didn’t understand … like in what kind of arrangement ?

When on menu click, if get title is = home, you are showing arrangement to user , the menu which you set as visible after selecting home, that arrangement, like vertical arrangement, contact us etc

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What kind of arrangements are those, are they scrollable?

If so, is your screen set to scrollable as well?


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I have used 1 vertical arrangements and on them i have used two horizontal arrangement … those 2 horizontal arrangements are for contact and about us … and on vertical arrangements i have placed those two horizontal arrangement

Is this arrangement19, it’s set to visible false


Yes it is vertical arrangement 19

As I said


Remove this block



Ohh got it … thank you so much :blush: my problem is solved & please can you help me in how to remove that space above menu button … i don’t want to setup any name or profile pic so is there any way to remove that space ?

No you can not but you can use custom sidemenu and design it how you want it