The operation checked cannot accept the arguments: [*empty-string*]

Help me please! i’m not understand, i need this very fast!

See the proper way to save checkbox status with tinydb

but so when the screen turns on, and if i want to uncheck an option, i can’t, because it just saved the checked value

First you need to know how to wait. To resolve it quickly, hire someone.:+1:

So , use IF Block And and programming logic

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You must understand the logic behind the code. The easiest way is to use Do it to debug your blocks. Set Checkbox.Checked to … block can only accepts booleans true or false so by setting value to an empty string you get the error. You have to deside what you want to happen on first run. Do you want to set checkbox checked to false or true ?

Wrong way

Correct way

Also in your blocks when you use checkbox you get the name of the component. If you wish to check the status checked or not you have to use checkbox.checked block




I hope this helps to correct your code

Thanks :):grinning:

You better read and learn how blocks work before putting emoji icons

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