The operation Clickable cannot accept the arguments:

when I enter this screen the following code appears "The operation Clickable cannot accept the arguments: "

What about setting the font size property instead of the clickable property.
? I think your procedure makes the font size responsive, so you should set it to the font size property.The clickable property indicates if the component is clickable or accepts Boolean ( true, false )

Also please translate your blocks to English so we can understand it.


Yes how can anyone understand that

While looking at blocks in non-english language, what it could be understood is that it seems you set the clickable property to something else, clickable option to be set either TRUE or FALSE.

Hope this solves your problem.

Or like, Mr. Tamer informed that parameter has to be changed to TEXT instead of clickable (looking at your values linked to those seems you want the value and not clickability)

really that part of the code serves as responsive font according to the user’s screen, I ermwhen putting clickable instead of font size, thank you very much, and I’m sorry my code is in Portuguese because I have to present it to teachers and they have to understand, many of them do not know English. Thank you very much guys


@Smart_Pets glad that you are able to fix the issue you encountered.

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