The operation "is in list?" cannot accept the arguments

For the last few days app works perfectly without problem and from morning onwards app didnt work. No error message in app but when i checked in companion i received following error


Earlier days it says correctly If user already present but now it is not working so total; app stopped working.

I am having following project bucket in firebase

You can’t search for an item on an empty list.

Names list is an empty list and you’re trying to search into it (is in list?)

actually i call the firebase component to download all the tags and if users click on submit button and the selected name in the spinner selection matches with firebase tag list it will say User exist… It works well for last few days and i dint made any change. That why i am thinking

So it’s basically a system to restrict users from creating duplicate accounts? :thinking:

  1. Try replacing that blank string with anything like please select and add the same to nameSpinner!

  2. Seem like this value is not being retrieved from firebase. Do check if you’re calling them correctly.

  3. (To satisfy my mind) I would also like to check the items on the nameSpinner!

Recommendation: If you’re trying to restrict users from creating a duplicate account, you can easily achieve that using FirebaseAuth. FireAuth stops users creating duplicate account by default. So you can ret rid of all this blocks! :ok_hand:

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I found it and solved the problem…

I made the project bucket empty…

Now it is working as early.

If we are getting the tags only mean We should leave the project bucket empty. Actually i did it earlier but when it changed the app name automatically it uses the project bucket as the app name


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Thank you, but actually i was tried like that only but didnt succeeded. I found it now… :+1:

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