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Hello , I have a problem when uploading a file PDF))) from Airtable to Kodular, but there are no problems with the blocks, and when viewing the application, the following image appears. Is there a solution or idea for a solution? Some pictures of the problem
Extensions used : In app pdf view ,JsonTools,DynamicComponents

error Image :

First Image : Screen 2 (pdfnotes)

Second Image : Screen3(notesSubjects)

Image from Airtable :

Aia Link App Test :
TEST.aia (3.7 MB)

Is your api key , base id are common for all the subjects? I hope you are making mistakes over there…

I believe you have wrongly added this block, check up with get start value and use this block

I am sure there is continuity is missing in the Get start value

In the notesubject screen also you are using get start value, But where did you get that? :thinking:

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What should I do to fix it, I want to try running a PDF file from airtable with previous plugins

You cannot use deep host extension in app, it will lead to problem. You can set to open the pdf using web viewer inside the app…

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Thank you :disappointed_relieved::heart:
The method you sent work without error!?

yeah sure… without any error

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And with airtable work or only offline?

No offline mode it is not possible… Network is needed… if not you have to look for alternate for pdf viewer, however in your previous attempt also you need network conneciton

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You may use activity starter method to open pdf files but you will need to download them first in the storage

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Thank you :heart_eyes: i will see it

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