The parsed package name is empty or contains more than 255 characters. Repackage and upload again

What to do when trying to publish your APP on Huawei’s APP Gallery and after downloading APK, you will get this error message “The parsed package name is empty or contains more than 255 characters. Repackage and upload again.”

Are current Kodular APP’s Huawei APP Store compliant with these package names?
Many thanks!

What is your packagename?

Thanks, I found it in Advance properties, and there it was indeed empty. Do you have there any naming restrictions or should kodular gmail-associated name to be in there? For instance I may try to use AndroidDeveloper’s extension, which will be gmail-account associated and if I use some other name for the package than my gmail-name, it may not work then, perhaps.

Still not clear what your packagename is when uploading to the appstore.

By the default in Kodular Package name in the advanced settings is always empty. So for Huawei APP gallery this name needs to be given. It cannot be be empty. I gave the name and now Store accepted APK. Go Google Play Store, package name in the settings can be empty but naming comes from gmail account by the default.

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Why not post your the name of the package here for instance for one of my apps i made originally with App Inventor and ported to Kodular.


Original Google Play Store had this package name: io.kodular.s7samppa.hotspot

Name in Kodular projects: hotspot
Package name in the Advance Settings: empty (no name)

If I understood from AndroidDevelopers extension, gmail name after io.kodular is checked everytime, if you like the extensions to be working. I am not sure if the advance setting package name will change that as well.

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