The responsive theme in our apps

Hello family, I would like to know how you handle the resposive issue in your applications. I used the%, but I saw that in some devices it works but not in all and that I disappoint, that’s why I use the extension of app helper called “responsive_size” but it has something bad that is to dedicate a block to each component that we use so that this way adapts to the screen of each device that uses it.

But I feel obliged to find another solution with respect to making my app look good on all mobile devices, because thanks to this extension I have 1,380 blocks dedicated to the responsiveness of my app.

Currently I have to execute the 1,380 blocks each time the screen where they are programmed is initialized.

Asked them …
What do you think of all this?
How did you solve the responsive problem in your applications?
Is there a simpler way to make our apps look good on all devices?

Setting a % will not always make apps look the same on every device as they have can have different display aspect ratios.

What you need to do is make an app that looks good on a phone with a 16:9 ratio then using an algorithm scale it for other ratios eg 18:9, 20:9, 21:9 etc.This is somewhat challenging and requires a lot of thought and experimentation. At least it did for me. But once you get it working it will make your apps look almost the same on every device. You’d need amazing eyesight and concentration to spot the difference between devices.

woo I plan to continue using the extension.

The extension is fine, most of the time.

I primarily make games so need graphics to be the same relative size on every phone. For example, if I want to move a ball left to right in 2 seconds on a 16:9 display ratio, I have to recalculate the size and movement properties for other screen ratios.

For non-gaming apps you shouldn’t need to do this too much.