The Variable That I Don't Change, Change By It Self

I’m Writing This Code

Then The Output Is This

This Is Very Weird
In The Code Im Changing The Funding Edited Variable But The dd Variable Is Changed Too
I Already Check The Code There Is No Block That Change The dd Variable Except The dd = value
value = “[“raya”,“Tamara”,“No”,“KK Gandaria Jakarta”,“Anggrahini Stephanie”,“10000000000”,” “,“eka”,“Amar Dana”,“Yes”,“KC Kusuma Bangsa SBY”,“Liling”,” “,“1000000000”]” there is no dd = FundingEdited

Why This Happen Can Someone Explain It To Me

The Reminder Label Is Is The Label With Red Colour

This Is The Project That I Recreate To Show The Error

Error (1).aia (2.9 KB)

Change your title into something that makes sense please.

Hello I Already Change The Title Can You Help Me With This Because For Me It Makes No Sense

I never used Firebase, but i see that you define dd as empty list, then fill it with the value from the got value block and then set the reminder.text to the value from dd. So you bypass all the rest of your code.

The Value From The Firebase Was “[“raya”,“Tamara”,“No”,“KK Gandaria Jakarta”,“Anggrahini Stephanie”,“10000000000”,” “,“eka”,“Amar Dana”,“Yes”,“KC Kusuma Bangsa SBY”,“Liling”,” “,“1000000000”]” But What I Get Is Not That

Please Can Anyone Help Me

No you get a list back. All the values separated by spaces and ( ).

Yes I Know Then At That Block I add (Nama Nasabah : ) In front Every Name then store it at FundingEdited But Not dd But The Reminder Label Show Me That It Stored At dd Too

That’s what i try to explain. DD is never changed by your blocks. So reminder.text will never display nama nasabah:

Yes I Know It But The Reminder Label (The Red Colour Text) That I Set The Value To dd Is Showing Me That It Change Too And That’s Why I Got Confused Because it supposed to show the original one not the changed one and that’s why at the first time i named the title this is weird because it is weird

In your screen you have a lot of other blocks that respond to a buttonclick. Are you sure you didn’t press the button or executed another block?

Can you make a small as possible example that shows this behavior you are experiencing without all the extra blocks. For instance with a new project.

Ok I will Try To Recreate the Error
And The Block That are there Are from I’m testing the error

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Here The Recreated Project
Error (1).aia (2.9 KB)

if you want to really recreate the error try to store a list value at firebase then get it with this project
the label one there generate the same output as the picture if you generate it with your own firebase it will be different depend on what your list contain

Please post an image of your blocks. I can not help you with the firebase bit, never used it. But there are others that can help you with that i think.

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It is the same with the picture i just put that code in the picture to backpack then moved to the another project

Can Anyone Help Me

Just be patient.

Still Noone

Can Anyone Help Me

Stop spamming the forum. If someone can help you they will.