There is a line with firebase

I have a problem to know why I can not show the message when closing a page containing evidence of firebase when closing and opening the same page more than 4 times this error appears

With page you mean Screen?
This happens because you do not switch screens correctly.
Search it here in our community


I have seen this. What if you just want to close the page and return to screen1
Do not want to reopen
My English is weak​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
Also thanks for help​:+1:

The main problem is if you dont switch screens correct the app needs many system storage.
And this makes the app crash soon.

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Thank you
I also wanted to tell you. Try switching your phone to Arabic
Everything upside down

This is a sample

Thats called RTL support.
We added this for persons like you from arabia or else.
In the next update you can choose on screen 1 if you want that your app supports RTL or not.

I loved it because it looked like a professional application
thank you all​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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After using the way it sucks

I think it is related to firebase that skips the data in memory

No it’s not related to Firebase. It’s caused because either your Images are too big or you are not switching screens properly

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you phone have no more free disc space, look at that.

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Do you use screen1 to have everything better
Or use multiple screens
The application contains 3 thousand blocks