There was a problem while parsing the package After using Activity Starter

When I use Activity Starter And Trying Update App I Got Error there was a problem while parsing the package,
I Set Min API 16 And No Package Name, Please Help Me

That problem seems to be an error from the APK file itself, not from your blocks
Check if the APK is corrupted or something

i checked apk is not corrupted.

How big is your app icon ?

512x512 icon size and also app is installed without any problem but when i use this method to update my app then i got that error

Help me Please, I Checked Apk Is Not Corrupted, When I Installed Manually Apk Is Installing. Can Anyone Tell Me How Can I Update My App Automatically?

Make sure your device have minimum the “Min SDK” version you choosed on screen 1

i already checked my min SDK is 16

i always facing a problame