This is flagged I have got my error so please close this topic

Admins I have got my error please remove this topic

Give some more Information.

did you know how to use it

Provide some more information
Which API you are using what is your scope

I also used the YouTube data API

But I think you can’t publish your app because is based on YouTube and if you added video download function then play store will reject this app

I have not yet published to playstore

and for more information I think that bug is in token to use

because data loads when I newly create one project and get youtube api
but after 15 to 30 min when I reopen the app Data won’t load again

You can’t say this a bug :slightly_smiling_face: because you doesn’t provide efficient information to solve your problem

I have done :white_check_mark: this get data from YouTube to our app and more etc. Everything is working properly

But not in mine

what more information you want

What is your scope ( you are using API you know what data you want from YouTube )

I am just asking that youtube data extension by @avmcreators02 is not working
Data is geeting from its server when I newly create the project to get the youtube api key
But just after some minutes that data won’t get from server

So I am asking that what can be the error

Provide an aia file or show your blocks

Ill show you blocks but as the extension is paid so I can’t provide here aia

Share image so we understand what is your problem and how your works ? and where is problem

Oh sure I’ll share

Steps I have generated api key

Now blocks section:-

Now I have provided everything

and this is apk file of above blocks :- youtube_api_test.apk (5.4 MB)

But you can use YouTube using web component also.

Yes you can use web component

This problem maybe cause in extension which you have buyed

I have done this with web component
But you are using an YouTube data API extension so I don’t know about extension. But if you will use web component then this will work

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